A passion that has become a profession

The “Jeff Bardet Motors & Racing” workshop is the result of a personal project. Indeed its creator Mr Jean-François BARDET is a passionate mechanic since his childhood.

Knowledge & practice

the winning combo

Over the years,

he knew how to document himself (reading specialized books in French and English) while putting his knowledge of Austin mini into practice. Participation in motor races dedicated to historic vehicles was the next logical step.

For years, he organized his personal time around this passion while working as an industrial project manager.

Professionals and individuals have called on him for advice in troubleshooting and mechanics.

The Automotive Mechanical "CAP",

a necessity

After many years,

the ambition to combine passion with profession was felt. In order to create his company, it was necessary to validate a CAP Automotive Mechanics. He chose to take this exam as a free candidate in 2018 by validating only the professional tests because of his DUT in Thermal Engineering and Energy.

The CAP Mécanique Automobile was obtained with good marks, which confirmed his choice of professional reconversion. This is why Mr. BARDET has created a company whose main activity is the operation of an automobile mechanics workshop reserved for historic cars used for leisure or competition.

The company aims to satisfy its customers through the advice and expertise of the manager. The services offered will range from simple maintenance mechanics to the complete preparation of a car.